• FPI : FORTISSIMO – Payment Institution
  • SHA : Mode of payment to abroad, when the payer is charged only for sending the payment. The recipient is charged by his own bank for receiving the payment and usualy receives the amount decreased of fees for incoming payment.
  • OUR : Mode of payment to abroad, when the payer is charged by the fee for sending the payment as same as for receiving the payment by the recipient. The recipient receives whole amount sent by the payer.
  • 4Free : Mode of payment to abroad, when the payer nor the recipient doesn’t bear any costs. Payment is made as domestic payment.
    • SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
    • BIC – Bank Identification Code (used in America)
    • SWIFT/BIC codes allows to identify exactly the bank which is receiving particular payment.
    •  If you don’t know SWIFT code, please put here: NOSWIFT
  • CPA : Client’s  Payment Account
  • EBA : External Bank Account
  • PCC : Payment with Currency Conversion
  • PWC : Payment without Currency Conversion
  • LUT : Limit of Unsecured Transaction
  • LPF : Limit of Payment Facility
  • UTL : User’s Transaction Limit
  • ID1, ID2 : Identity Card 1, Identity Card 2
  • SIPO : from czech language “Sdružené inkaso plateb obyvatelstva”, means multiple direct debit payments of your household bills (rental, electricity, phone, insurance, etc.) 
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