Our history

  • 1995:            Foundation of the company
  • 1996:            Provision of exchange services
  • 1998:            Non-cash market place under the licence of the Czech National Bank
  • 2001:            Forex trading / Introducing Broker –
  • 2011:            Establishing of payment institution. Launch of internet payment facility ePay24
  • 2020:            Mobile Application FortiPay for iOS and Android


Our clients are

  • Private persons
  • Business people, self-employed people
  • Middle-size and small companies
  • Non-for-profit organizations


Our goal

  • Offer to the Client savings by executing his/her foreign currency payments using our free of charge multicurrency payment account.
  • Offer the Client professional services, which fully satisfy the Client.
  • Offer the Client easily accessible, well-arranged and safe payment facility for carrying out his/her incoming and outcoming payments in different foreign currencies.
  • Meet individual needs and requirements of the Client.
  • To grow in the process of meeting even more complex requirements of the Clients.


We focus on

  • We specialize in cross-border payments in the Central European region – the Czech Republic, Poland and European countries using the Euro.
  • We provide for clients full cross-border payment contact in currencies accesible for the client payment account (CPA).
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