Mandatory information

Protection of deposits

Protection of funds entrusted to the payment institution

Funds entrusted to FORTISSIMO – Payment Institution (FPI) with the purpose to carry out financial transactions are kept separate from funds owned by the institutionand from funds belonging to other persons with the exception of funds belonging to clients. Client’s funds are kept by the payment institution on separate payment accounts at the Komerční banka, a.s. Funds of our clients do not constitute the property of the payment institution in case it files for bankruptcy. In case the decision on bankruptcy of FPI is issued the insolvency administrator is obliged to release funds of the payment institution which were entrusted to the payment institution with the purpose to carry out payment transactions for its clients.


Protection of client’s property in case of bankruptcy of a bank managing the separate client’s payment account of the payment institution.

Funds of clients registered on the separate account of the payment institution FPI constitute in pursuance of § 41f Act no. 21/1992 Coll. on Banks a claim from deposits under special mode. FPI fulfilled its legal obligations arising from § 41f section 2 of the Act on Banks and notified in writing its domestic banks which keep the payment institution’s payment accounts that funds deposited on such accounts represent a financial claim of many clients. In case of bankruptcy of the bank, FPI shall provide compensation for a claim from deposits managed under special mode at the same amount as if each client had his/her funds registered on their own accounts. In case a bank keeping the separate account of the payment institution files for bankruptcy, each Client of company FPI will obtain payment from the Security Fond for insurance of deposits at the amount equal to funds registered on the separate payment account up to the maximum amount of 100.000 EUR.


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