Mandatory information

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

In the area of crime prevention, our company holds a policy of internal principles which were set out in accordance with Czech laws (Act 253/2008). Joining the system of international crime prevention scheme is necessary and should be the top priority of both the service providers and users of financial services. We are doing our best to implement preventive measures and will appreciate your support and cooperation which is so needed for achieving our common goal. Our common goal is protection against international crime and terrorism which need to cover their sources of financing such as drug smuggling, trafficking and mugging). Such activities can be carried out by providing false identity or misusing identity of innocent people as well as declaring dirty money as legal.

The fact that we require verification of your identity before providing our services does not mean in any way that we ar suspicious of your intentions. Making sure that your customer is the person he or she declares to be is one of the basic principles of fighting crime and terrorism. We assure you that your identification data are safe and under protection and are used only for purposes set out by the law and can be helpful in discovering potential misuse of your identification data.

What does the Act No. 253/2008 Coll. require?

  1. We are obliged to keep records of each and every transaction together with information provided by you and are obliged to cooperate with government inspection authorities.
  2. We are obliged to verify all unusual or suspicious transactions of any amount.
  3. In some cases we can be asked about the purpose of a given payment. The purpose of payments over 15.000 EUR must be proved by the copy of invoice.
  4. We are obliged to report all suspicious transactions to the Finance-analysing unit of Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic (FAÚ MFČR).

In case you have any questions regarding our principles of prevention against money, contact us at our e-mail address

Thank you for your understanding and cooperating with us in the course of important legal acts such as proving your identification or disclosing the source of your money.


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